TASA Internship Program –
A Breakthrough to Successful Career

The goal of TASA (breakthrough in Amharic) is to integrate Israeli gifted Ethiopian Israeli university students into paid internships at leading companies in the Israeli workforce, and enable them to acquire relevant experience toward a successful career, with economic and social achievements.

The students who participate in the program, which is led jointly by Olim Beyahad and Atidim, are employed during the summer vacation or throughout the academic year by major companies and organizations. The participants also attend networking and enrichment meetings with professional mentors who guide them through and after their studies.

Since it was founded in 2012 by businessmen Glen Schwaber and Jonathan Bendheim, TASA accompanied 50 students, some of whom have already completed their academic studies and are currently employed by leading Israeli employers.

Every year, 15 students are recruited to the program from business related areas such as: computer sciences, electrical and mechanical engineering, exact sciences, law and business administration. By participating in the program they become partners in changing employers’ perceptions of the Ethiopian Israeli community, and expand employment opportunities for other young Ethiopian Israeli adults.


The employers who participate in TASA are committed to:
Among the companies that employ the participant
of TASA we find:

Coca Cola, Intel, Elta, Radware and TASC, law office Meitar, Liquornik, Geva, Leshem, Tal & Co., accounting firm Kesselman & Kesselman and Israel Supreme Court.

Two examples of the feedback received from companies that employed students participating in the program:

“The experience was very successful – for me and for entire office. She integrated very well socially, and charmed us immensely. Anyone who came in contact with her was pleased. I have to admit that we were very pleasantly surprised. We feel connected to the project – to its goals and its path, and we would be happy to continue cooperating together”.

“First, just wanted to thank you again for matching us up with the Tasa program. Her last day is tomorrow and we are all so sad–we love her! She has done a fabulous job and I have no doubt that she will do very well in her career. Hopefully it has been equally rewarding for her to work with us”

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