Olim Beyahad’s programs are divided into 3 main focus areas:
Employment Empowerment
Graduates Department
Youth and Young Adults
Integration through Employment

Our core program helps excelling Ethiopian Israeli university graduates find suitable employment and integrate into leading jobs in Israel’s workforce. Participants gain practical job searching tools and take part in an 8-month program which includes: workshops and lectures on leadership, intercultural conflicts and self-presentation; English course; Work with personal mentors who guide them throughout their first year on the job. They also receive guidance throughout the job searching process, including referrals to our network of 650+ employers. This program serves approximately 100 new participants each year, with four annual program cycles: two in central Israel, one in southern Israel, and one in Jerusalem (a new addition in 2016). The last two program cycles enabled us to expand our organizational infrastructure and our networks of volunteers and employers, and integrate talented young adults into leading jobs.


Founded in 2015, Olim Beyahad’s Public Sector Initiative facilitates the integration of participants into leading positions in the public sector – a competitive industry for all Israelis and significantly more so for Ethiopian Israelis. Our pilot program serves 11 participants and later this year we will open our second program cycle.

TASA Internship Program – A Breakthrough to Successful Career

The goal of  TASA (breakthrough in Amharic) is to integrate Israeli gifted Ethiopian Israeli university students into paid internships at leading companies in the Israeli workforce, and enable them to acquire relevant experience toward a successful career, with economic and social achievements.

The students who participate in the program, which is led jointly by Olim Beyahad and Atidim, are employed during the summer vacation or throughout the academic year by major companies and organizations. The participants also attend networking and enrichment meetings with professional mentors who guide them through and after their studies.

Since it was founded in 2012 by businessmen Glen Schwaber and Jonathan Bendheim, TASA accompanied 50 students, some of whom have already completed their academic studies and are currently employed by leading Israeli employers.

Every year, 15 students are recruited to the program from business related areas such as: computer sciences, electrical and mechanical engineering, exact sciences, law and business administration. By participating in the program they become partners in changing employers’ perceptions of the Ethiopian Israeli community, and expand employment opportunities for other young Ethiopian Israeli adults.


Ansash – Entrepreneurs Development Program

“Ansash” (“entrepreneur” in Amharic) – aims to provide Ethiopian Israeli entrepreneurs and business owners with essential tools and skills to strengthen and advance their ventures.

Ansash has two main tracks:

Track for existing businesses

Participants in this track are talented entrepreneurs and business owners from various fields who have been operating their businesses for at least one year.  The program enables them to bring their businesses to the next level by developing personally tailored business plans, providing participants with vital tools, and pairing them with personal mentors – senior managers and successful business owners who contribute from their professional experience to facilitate the success of the businesses.

The program accompanies participants for about two years in order to provide them with the capabilities to continue furthering the development of the businesses independently, while ensuring the long-term success of the businesses.  Since its establishment in 2013, the program has successfully supported more than 20 influential Ethiopian Israeli entrepreneurs from a variety of fields, many of them with outstanding achievements.  Amongst the business initiatives are law firms, an Ethiopian vegan restaurant, a bridal salon, an engineering and construction company, a beverage importer, and more.

Track for young entrepreneurs

Participants in this track are new business owners and entrepreneurs in their early stages.  The program involves a hands-on course that provides participants with the required knowledge and skills in various fields to establish and build a successful business, such as marketing, definition, positioning and differentiation, sales, etc.  Participants are also paired with mentors – experienced managers and business people who guide the entrepreneurs in in establishing, developing, and advancing their businesses.

The Graduates Forum – A Cadre of New Leaders

After the completion of our programs for university graduates and students, all participants join our “Graduates Forum” which consists of over 830 graduates, and will serve as a main focus of Olim Beyahad’s activities during the upcoming years. We view our graduates as the future of our organization, and as a central means for achieving our ultimate mission and creating a social change. Activities in this area are divided into three categories: Personal Professional advancement: We enrich our graduates with individual guidance and empowerment programs that include: an executive course, a debate course, English courses at various levels, a personal development program, and much more. Volunteering and social involvement: We want to increase social involvement and volunteering among our graduates, and encourage them to utilize the tools they gained from our programs and from their new social and professional networks to give back to their community and society. Leadership and involvement in Olim Beyahad’s activities: We provide opportunities for graduates to participate in our strategic leadership, as well as increase the graduates’ involvement in our activities by giving lectures to current participants, serving as personal mentors, using their networks to help participants find jobs, etc.

ARIELA PROJECT – Fostering Excellence

The Ariela Project fosters excellence among exceptionally gifted Ethiopian Israeli high school and university students, while encouraging them to fulfill their potential and dreams. The program is individually tailored and includes the educational and psychosocial support needed to maximize their abilities. Among the services provided by the program: personal coaching, guidance and mentoring; a professional-social network, tutoring and scholarships for higher education, assistance in purchasing professional equipment, group enrichment meetings, and more. The program was originally established by the “Ariela Foundation” and merged into Olim Beyahad in 2014, following our decision to expand our services to include youth. We believe that by providing its young participants with the proper tools and instilling them with self-esteem, we will help them embark on the path of excellence and leadership, and will facilitate their future long-term success. The program currently serves over 45 participants and during the 2016-2017 we plan to serve 60-70 participants. We hope to establish partnerships with several local municipalities in order to open local program centers in defined geographical regions and expand the program’s impact.


Military service plays a major role in the successful social and employment integration in Israel. Although the majority of Ethiopian Israelis enlist the army, there are high dropout rates, and the percentage of Ethiopian Israelis who reach elite positions within the army is significantly lower than among the general population. At the initiative of several graduates of our core program, we recently partnered with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and “Aharai!” (a social educational organization) to establish a special mentoring program for Ethiopian Israeli soldiers, in which graduates of our core program serve as personal mentors. At the same time commanders of units with large numbers of Ethiopian Israeli soldiers attend lectures that familiarize them with the Ethiopian Israeli community, culture, and customs.


The Psychometric Exam is the main selection tool of Israeli universities, yet it is a common belief that the exam has a cultural bias preventing Ethiopian Israelis from expressing their full abilities. This makes it more difficult for them to get accepted to prestigious faculties and universities, which then influences their ability to integrate into jobs in the future. In response, Olim Beyahad established a 4-month preparatory course that enables Ethiopian Israeli young adults to overcome these obstacles, display their true abilities on the exam, and secure acceptance at leading universities. Participants take part in university tours and enrichment lectures, receive assistance in selecting their majors and are guided throughout the university admissions process. We plan to operate four courses during the upcoming year, serving about 100 young adults.


Olim Beyahad holds several conferences around the country each year for prospective university students and young adults, providing valuable information about career planning and development. Each conference includes panel discussions with volunteers, employers and graduates; lectures that provide tools and share tips for career and university planning, and opportunities to receive personal guidance and advice. Our goal is to encourage young Ethiopian Israelis to pursue high-powered positions at prestigious and leading institutions, while also expose our programs to a wider base of young adults.

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