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Genet Dasa


Yael Rechester

VP of Organizational Development and Operations

Erel Segal

CFO and Coordinator of Ansash Entrepreneurs Development Program

Hagit Yaari

VP of Resource Development

Tirsit Legasse-Bishaw

Manager of Olim Beyahad’s Graduates Department

Aviva Oune

Manager of the Youth and Young Adult Department

Ofer Marciano

Manager of Olim Beyahad's Network of Volunteers

Ayelet Langer

Coordinator of Public Sector Initiative

Yeshareg Esayas

Coordinator of the Core Program for University Graduates and Students in Haifa and Coordinator of the Ariela Program’s Haifa Branch

Mor Kaneti

Coordinator of the "Ariela Project"

Ziva Melese

Coordinator of the Ariela Program

Havtam Simoon

Coordinator of the Preparatory Course for the Psychometric Exam and the Ariela Program’s Communication Track

Yehudit Noga

Coordinator of Volunteers and Mentors

Efrat Lavie

Administrative Manager and Personal Assistant to the CEO

Dina Feuchtwanger

Grant Writer

Our Board Members
On the board since 2007

Mr. Amos Sapir is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Olim Beyahad. He also serves as a business and economic advisor, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors at various private and public companies, including N. Feldman & Son. Until recently, he also served as the Chairman of Standard & Poor's Maalot Ltd. In the past, Amos held various senior positions at Clal Group. He is involved in various organizations, and is on the Board of Trustees at Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College, CET – The Center for Educational Technology, and the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
Amos holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as an MBA with a focus in finance from Columbia University, where he also studied for a doctorate in finance and banking.
In the framework of Olim Beyahad's activities, Amos serves as a personal mentor. He accompanies and advises the Executive Director and the Manager of Finances regarding various subjects. Amos also attends meetings with contributors and partners from Israel and abroad. He helps open doors for the organization and our graduates by connects us with private donors, foundations, employers, and volunteers with which he has connections.

On the board since 2007

Mr. Yair Dar was born in Israel in 1945. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a BA in Mathematics and Economics, and has been involved over the years in business entrepreneurship and management. Yair has vast experience of over 36 years in an assortment of management positions - as CEO, Director, and Chairman of both publicly traded and privately owned companies operating within a wide range of economic activities. These activities include, among others, International Trade and Trade Finance, Equity Investments and Investments Banking, and Sport TV Production & Broadcasting.
Yair currently serves as the Chairman of a private company engaged in the international trade of plastic raw materials, of which, as a co-founder, he owns a controlling interest. He also serves as a director of publicly traded companies.
In the framework of Olim Beyahad's activities, Yair serves as a personal mentor, while also helping open doors to relevant employers, funders, and volunteers. He attends the visits with partners and contributors from abroad, while also providing professional consultations to the organization's managers.

On the board since 2012

Molly Levinson is a graduate of Tel Aviv University's Law School and practiced as an attorney for many years. She currently has a private business in the field of cosmetics. Molly took part in Yahel's Directors Course at Bar Ilan University and currently serves as a member of Takdim - The Mutual Responsibility Foundation in Ramat HaSharon, as well as a member of PANIM Hadashot - Israeli Leading Women's Parliament.
In the framework of Olim Beyahad's activities, Molly helps open doors to relevant employers, funders, and volunteers with the hope of expanding our network, while also working to help connect us with new partners.

On the board since 2013

Mr. Yaron Neudorfer is the CEO and co-founder of Social Finance Israel and previously served as CFO of the Jewish Agency for Israel. In the past he served in a number of senior positions in Israel's Ministry of Finance, including the Deputy Representative of the Ministry of Finance in New York.
Yaron is active in a number of social organizations and we were very glad to have him join our Board of Directors in 2013. He has been serving as a wonderful addition to Olim Beyahad and is contributing from his knowledge and experience.

On the board since 2014

Amir was born in 1979 in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel at the age of five in the framework of Operation Moses. He served as an officer in the IDF's Paratroopers Brigade, following which he earned a BA in accounting from the College of Management and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Amir took part in Olim Beyahad's core program for university graduates, and has been working as a CPA at Ernest & Young since 2008.
Amir invests a significant amount of his time in social action and stands out as one of the young leaders of the Ethiopian Israeli community. Amir established and leads a mentoring program for Ethiopian Israeli soldiers in combat units in the IDF, which operates in cooperation with a number of voluntary organizations. He is also one of the leaders of a group of activists who work to promote the rights of young Ethiopian Israeli adults in the area of housing.
In 2012, Amir was chosen by The Marker magazine as one of Israel's 40 most promising young leaders, and he is the perfect combination of a terrific professional and a wonderful person who gives of his time and energy to society. Amir is a member of Olim Beyahad's Graduates' Forum and takes part in almost every activity that aims to advance the Ethiopian Israeli community, while also volunteering as a role model in the framework of Olim Beyahad's activities.

On the board since 2014

Tal was born in Israel in 1959. He was drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces in 1978, where he then developed a career, receiving his officer's ranks and then continuing to advance up the chain of command, spending much of his early career in the special forces. He was a commander in the First and Second Lebanon Wars, and in 2010 he was appointed as the commander of the Southern Command, overseeing Operation Pillar of Defense, following which he retired in 2013.
During his career, Tal earned a BA in Social Sciences from Haifa University, followed by an EMBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.
Since joining Olim Beyahad's Board of Directors, Tal has been extremely active in the organization's activities, attending almost every meeting of our Graduates' Forum. He has expressed his strong desire to use his many connections to facilitate the integration of many more Ethiopian Israelis in society.

On the board since 2014

Dror was born in Germany in 1949 and later immigrated to Israel. He served as a pilot and flight commander in the IDF for over 20 years, including commanding a squad that brought the Ethiopian immigrants to Israel. He later earned a BA in Economics and Political Science from Bar Ilan University, followed by an MBA in Business Administration.
In the past he has served in various positions at a number of companies, including Vice President of Biofuel Energy at Netafim Irrigation, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Plastopil Hazorea, and more. He has also served as a business consultant, Chairman of several organizations and companies, and a member of various Boards of Directors.
Dror got involved in Olim Beyahad through one of our volunteers who served as a Mossad Commander during the operations that brought the Ethiopian Jews to Israel. After meeting one of our program graduates, he decided that he would like to volunteer for Olim Beyahad and help us further our mission.

Mr. Yoni Wubshet

Yoni was born in 1977, several years after his parents immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia. He earned a B.Sc in electrical engineering from the Shamoon College of Engineering in Be’er Sheva.
For several years following his studies, Yoni worked at a number of companies, including Tana Water Company and Israel’s Department of Justice. He then joined the first cycle of Olim Beyahad’s core program and began working as a hardware engineer at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in 2009, where he is still employed today.
Yoni has volunteered for many years in various ways, such as through taking part in workshops and panel discussions with professionals in the framework of our new core program cycles, giving professional advice to other participants and graduates, meeting with existing and potential donors, serving on Olim Beyahad’s Board of Trustees for several years, and more. He also serves as a Board Member and Treasurer at “Nashim Rokmot Chalom” (“Ethiopian Women Embroidering Dreams”) and volunteers through IAI with “A Different Lesson”, speaking to high school students in disadvantaged communities.

Mr. Barak Loozon

Barak was born in Israel and serves as the Israel & Global Network Director at the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco’s Israel office. Prior to this, he served as the Director for Young Adult Engagement with Israel at the Federation’s San Francisco office during his time in the United States as an Israeli emissary. He also previously worked at the Institute for Democratic Education in Israel and led the implementation of the "Bat-Yam Model for Personalized Education", a model which was adopted by the Ministry of Education and became the National Education Reform called “New Horizons”. In addition, he worked as the National Education Director & Deputy Director-General of the Israeli Scouts (Tzofim) and as the movement emissary to the United States.
Barak holds a BA from Bar Ilan University in Criminology and Political Science, an MA in Education Policy and Administration from Tel Aviv University, as well as an MA in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as a Wexner Israel Fellow. He is a member of the Task Force on Jewish Peoplehood Education as well as a Gvanim Alum - a Leadership Training Program to Promote Jewish Pluralism in Israel.
Barak has been active in various forms of professional and social involvement for many years - mainly in the field of education. He is active in accompanying and providing consultations to social organizations, and in establishing work collaborations between philanthropic and social organizations.

Mr. Salco Kleerekoper

Salco was born in 1963 in Holland and immigrated to Israel in 1992. He has served as Chairman of TASC Consulting & Capital (Israel’s leading strategy consulting firm) since 1993 and has over 25 years of experience advising government and senior management of leading corporations in different fields on strategy, economic, and financial issues. This has included recently advising the Ministry of Finance on a policy to close the economic gaps between the Arab and Jewish population. In addition, over the years he has advised a large number of non-profit organizations.
He has a BA in Economics from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as an MPhil in Economics from Cambridge University in the UK.
Salco leads various social initiatives, including an introductory course to the business world at schools for children of foreign workers.

Mr. Yigal Ronay

Yigal Ronai is an economist, a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University, with extensive experience in banking and finance, where he held several positions, served as CEO of the Bank Hapoalim Provident Fund Management Company, Head of the Financial Markets Division at Discount Bank, was a director on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, an active chairman of the REIT 1 investment fund, and chairman of the Investment Committee of DSH Provident Funds.
He is a co-founder of MarketPLACE, a startup that develops advanced tools for real estate investments, and currently serves as an external director in several companies, including S & P Maalot and Isramco.
Ronay is the Academic Director of Real Estate Studies at the Department of Economics at the College of Management, and teaches courses in real estate investments and technologies, alternative investments and securities analysis.

Mr. Yehuda Yaakov

Yehuda Yaakov was born in New York and arrived in Israel in 1983. He brings 30 years of experience in the Foreign Ministry and a special interest in social equality issues.

Throughout his diplomatic career, Yaakov has acquired extensive experience in public diplomacy, strategic affairs and the creation of "diplomatic start-ups." While serving most recently in Boston as head of Israel's diplomatic mission to New England, he focused on strengthening bilateral ties in the areas of cyber security as well as the economic, academic, community and cultural spheres. He founded the Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also ran the Media and Public Affairs Unit of the Consulate General of Israel in New York.

In 2012 he was part of the Foreign Ministry's "Iran Team" which received the Director General's Award for its unique contribution to Israel's security.

Yaakov holds a master's degree from Haifa University (in conjunction with the Israeli National Defense College). His master's thesis explored Iran's nuclear negotiating strategy.

Mr. Oren Helman

Oren Hellman, VP of Marketing and Regulation at the Israel Electric Corporation, has both BA and MA degrees in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and has extensive experience in the field of public relations and public diplomacy in Israeli politics.
Prior to joining IEC, he served as the director of the Government Press Office and as a strategic consultant, lobbyist and crisis management consultant for several companies and organizations. In 2004-6 he served as a consultant to Benjamin Netanyahu in his positions as Minister of Finance and Prime Minister, and previously was the spokesman of the Israel Broadcasting Authority and assistant to the chairman of the Israel Broadcasting Authority.
His public activity includes companies on the board of directors of the Government Tourism Company, the National Coal Company, the Israel Experience and the Israeli Consumer Council.
Helman promotes an agenda of integrating people with disabilities in society in general and in work in particular, and an urge to submit a bill to the Knesset that will require the employment of 5% of workers with disabilities in public and government institutions.

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