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Olim Beyahad – Rising Up Together -was established in 2007, aiming to help excelling Ethiopian Israelis who hold university degrees integrate into the forefront of Israel’s workforce. This was the beginning, but since then we spread our wings and initiated a variety of innovative programs that support our vision and advance our mission. Amongst them, naming just a few: a unique employment-oriented program; an entrepreneurs development program, a preparatory course for the psychometric exam and a public sector initiative.

Working and Networking

We formed an extensive network of volunteers and employers committed to our mission. They support our cause by hiring our programs’ participants, opening doors for them at leading companies and serving as their personal mentors.

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    Our Model

  • For the past decade Olim Beyahad steadfastly promoted the integration of hundreds of graduates into the forefront of Israel's workforce, affording them an equal opportunity to gain respectable jobs that suit their academic education.

    Our graduates now serve as agents of change in their communities and workplaces, while working with us to further Olim Beyahad’s mission. Graduates include a Knesset Member, senior attorneys, and public figures in key positions. See below for a snapshot of our graduates.

    Our core program aims to help excelling Ethiopian Israeli university graduates and students in their final year of studies find suitable employment and properly integrate into leading jobs in their fields and Israel’s workforce.

    We work to increase social involvement and volunteering among the graduates to enable them to utilize the tools they gained from our program and their new social and professional networks to give back to their community and society.

    Over 700 Ethiopian Israeli university graduates integrated into suitable jobs through our programs; 18% were promoted. Graduates include a Knesset Member, senior attorneys, public figures in key positions, etc.

    About 650 companies and governmental bodies work to advance our vision and hire participants. 400+ have hired participants, 110+ of whom employ two or more graduates following their positive experience.

    We recruited over 1,500 volunteers who are involved in various areas of our operations, including over 350 personal mentors.

    Due to the success of our innovative model, we now guide other organizations in applying our work model among other sectors experiencing employment integration difficulties. (ultra-orthodox Jews, Arabs, young adults in peripheral areas, etc.). Thus far we have assisted over 20 organizations.

Our Programs

Today’s Graduates – Tomorrow’s Leaders

During the 2016-2017 program year, Olim Beyahad will lead a strong and active forum of over 800 graduates who have completed our programs. They are the future of our organization and a central means for achieving our ultimate mission.  All the graduates of Olim Beyahad are socially committed. Social action is an essential value for them, and a source of growth and success in their professional careers.

Employment, Empowerment, And Leadership For Excelling Ethiopian Israeli University Graduates And Students
Public Sector Initiative
“Ansash” Entrepreneurs Development Program
“Tasa” Internship Program
Ariela Project
Mentoring Program For Ethiopian Israeli IDF Soldiers
Preparatory Course For The Psychometric Exam
Career Planning For Young Adults In The Ethiopian Israeli Community
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